Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program at Ciência 2010 - Encontro com a Ciência e Tecnologia em Portugal

July 4-7 2010 - Centro de Congressos de Lisboa

The organization of Ciência 2010 - Encontro com a Ciência e Tecnologia (Science 2010 - Encounter with Science and Technology) in Portugal, invited Ph.D. students enrolled in the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program to present a scientific poster at this conference. The posters will be displayed between the 4th and 7th of July in the Lisbon Conference Center.

The Science 2010 - Encounter with Science and Technology Conference aims to be the point of encounter and exchange of knowledge among the Portuguese scientific community. It is a prime opportunity to get to know the work being done by Portuguese scientists in the most relevant areas of activity.

Ph.D. Students Posters:
Alexandre Mateus - P2P on Campus: Who, What and How Much 
Ali Shams - A New Method for Investigating University-to-Industry Knowledge Spillovers
Ana Venâncio - Does Red Tape Hold Back Entrepreneurs? Evidence from Portugal
André Regateiro - Revisiting firm size and job creation
Augusto Santos - Subspace Segmentation Problem
Cristina Carias - Creation of New Firms, Worker Mobility, and effect of employee exit on parent firms
Filipe Militão - Aliasing control with view-based typestate
Hugo Conceição - Self-Organized Traffic Control
João Miranda - Acoustic model training with imperfect transcripts
José Jerónimo Rodrigues - Automatic Vision Recognition System
Luís Brandão - Defining Thresholds for Anomaly Detection in a Hadoop Distributed System with Map-Reduce Workloads
Luís Marujo - Reap.PT: Early Stage
Masoud Honarvar Nazari - Technical and Policy issues of Modern Electric Energy Systems with Large Penetration opf Distributed Generators
Mate Boban - VANET Multiplay Games: A New Application
Patrick Agyapong - Spillover Effects from Wiring Schools with Broadband
Rathapon Saruthirathanaworakun - Dynamic Primary-Secondary Spectrum Sharing with Cellular Systems
Ricardo Cabral - Nuclear norm techniques for parameterizing subspaces
Rita Ferreira - Waves in a thin and periodically oscillating medium
Rodrigo Belo - Broadband in Schools: Good or Bad for Students' Performance?
Rui Meireles - Line of sight in Vehicular Networks: na experimental study
Sérgio Pequito - New Approach to Non-Linear Observers : The Entropy Penalized Minimum Energy Estimator
Sven Stork - Æminium: Freeing Programmers from the Shackles of Sequentiality
Vikram Gupta - Wireless Low Power Synchronization from AC Power Lines
Vinay Prabhu - Who is more intrusive? 1 eavesdropper with M ears or M eavesdroppers with 1 ear each? An analytical characterization of critical secrecy parameters in wireless environs.
Wang Ling - PT-STAR - Speech Translation Advanced Research to and from Portuguese
Ye Can - Quantifying Stress in First Responder Professionals using Signal Processing Methologies

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