Universidade de Aveiro

University of AveiroThe University of Aveiro (UA), constructed in 1973, is considered one of the youngest, and most innovative and dynamic of the universities in Portugal. The school educates approximately 12,000 students between its many undergraduate and postgraduate programs. In total, the school awards 50 different undergraduate degrees, 40 different Master of Science degrees and 25 different PhD degrees.

aveiro-map_200x429.jpgMost of UA resides in the Campus of Santiago, located in the coastal city of Aveiro. Aveiro, now home to 75,000 people, is often described as the Venice of Portugal for its many canals and boats; the city offers many of the advantages of a big city, while retaining its old, small city charm.

Following the school's construction, the University of Aveiro quickly assumed a leading role in the Portuguese university system due to the quality of its infrastructure, research and faculty. Those fields where the university has excelled include: the Sciences, Communication and Arts, Economy, Management and Planning, and Engineering and Education.

The university has also distinguished itself through the internationalism of its activities as well as its co-operation with several non-Portuguese universities. In 1997, the University of Aveiro helped found the European Consortium of Innovative Universities, this created the opportunity to exchange Aveiro’s experience and knowledge within education, research and regional development with ten other leading European universities. Many of these international research activities have been successful in aiding the Portuguese business community as well as the regional industry.

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