CMU Portugal Program in the Media 2017



inRes 2016 team TWEVO Wins Funding from Horizon 2020
[Sapo Online, ComputerWorld Online, Leak Online, i9 Magazine Online, BIT Magazine Online, Jornal de Leiria Online, Leiria Económica Online, Região de Leiria, I9 Magazine, O Jornal Económico Online]

Artificial Intelligence Learns the Art of Bluff while Playing Poker
[Carnegie Mellon University News, Público Online]

M-ITI Holds Session for Master Student’s Final Course Projects
[Funchal Notícias Online, Diário de Notícias Madeira Online, Diário de Notícias Madeira (print)]


Manuela Veloso at the Business Transformation Summit: Data is the New Oil 
[O Jornal Económico Online]

Businesses Without Borders – Portuguese Startups with International Projection


Call for Eight CMU Portugal Dual Degree Doctoral Fellowships Open
[P3 Público Online, Tribuna da Madeira Online, RH Online, Universidade de Aveiro Online]

Manuel Heitor Visits Carnegie Mellon to Prepare New Phase of CMU Portugal Program
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European Space Agency Distinguishes inRes Startup

Manuela Veloso: Potentials and threats of AI

M-ITI and ARDITI have Seven Horizon 2020 Projects Approved
[Diário de Notícias Madeira Online]

inRes 2017 - Portuguese entrepreneurs develop their business models in the US 
[Negócios & Franchising, Leak Business Online, VerPortugal Online, i9 Magazine Online]

CMU Portugal Ph. D. Alumnus André Martins receives the ERC Grant worth 1,4 million euros 
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inRes 2017 WESENSS Team Presents their Technology with Firefighters 
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CMU Portugal ERI AHA Takes Robot Vizzy for Tests with Senior Citizens
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A Look Inside the Portuguese Startup Adventure

"The women of my generation are all dedicated to science" – Manuela Veloso 
[Link to Leaders]


"Our privacy is a big question mark. Has it disappeared?" – Interview with Prof. José M. F. Moura
[ECO Online]

inRes 2017 - Connect Robotics Plans to Deliver via Drone in Portugal
[ESA Technology Transfer Programme Office]

CMU Entrepreneurship Experts at the inRes 2017 Workshops
[Carnegie Mellon University News section]

Manuela Veloso - Humans Will Adapt at the Speed that Technology Evolves 
[ComputerWorld Online]

TWEvo - Portuguese Technology Generates Interest for Space Exploration 
[Leak Online]

The Optimistic Revolutionary - Interview with Manuela Veloso

U. Porto Hosts the CMU Portugal Program 2017 Symposium
[Notícias – U. Porto]

CMU Portugal’s João Semedo Awarded a Doctoral Scholarship
[Alto Alentejo]


From the Window of the University you can see the Whole World 
[ECO – Economia Online]

Followprice – Facebook’s ‘Like’ Button but for Online Shopping  
[PC Guia Online]

Porto Receives the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program 2017 Symposium  
[Universidade do Porto Online, i9 Magazine Online]

University of Porto Researchers in the Creation of Digital Platform for Screening for Diabetic Retinopathy
[Diário de Notícias Online, Sapo Online, Netfarma Online, Atlas da Saúde Online]

inRes Team’s Technology Can Revolutionize Wireless Communications
[Jornal de Leiria]

CMU Portugal Program’s ERI VR2Market - The Wearable Life Monitor
[Exame Informática]


Manuela Veloso Speaks at AI Conference in Lisbon 

Human-Machine Collaboration: A Hybrid Workforce
[Portugal Têxtil Online]

Experts Discuss Artificial Intelligence at BPM Conference Portugal 2017
[PC Guia Online, Exame Informática Online, IT Insight]


CMU Portugal Program Directors at the AIR Center Conference
[Presidência do Governo Regional dos Açores – Notícias, Azores TV Online, Expresso Online, Jornal da Praia Online]

Manuela Veloso at the 2nd Edition of Business Transformation Summit
[ Online]

inRes - CMU Portugal has Promoted the Internationalization of 12 Startups so far
[VerPortugal Online]

New inRes Partnership Announced – SRS Advogados
[Advocatus Online, Advogar Online]

Manuela Veloso: Artificial Intelligence Specialist
[Notícias Magazine Online, Notícias Magazine]

Taking Portugal to the Top of Europe on Digital Competencies 
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Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program Opens Call for inRes 2017
[Dinheiro Vivo, VerPortugal, Motor 24, DN – Dinheiro Online, O Jornal Económico Online, Mais Superior Online, FCT-UNL Notícias, Expresso]

Portuguese Professor Presents VR2Market Project at the United Nations Humanitarian ICT Forum
[Público Online, Observador, Dinheiro Vivo, Motor 24, Viva!Porto Online, DN – Dinheiro Online, Notícias - UPorto]

CMU Professor is Optimistic About the Future of Automation
[Jornal de Negócios Online, Jornal de Negócios, Jornal de Notícias]

Fronteiras XXI: A Debate on the Future of Work
[RTP Play]

Francisco Veloso: A Portuguese Leader for a Top European Business School
[Expresso Online,Expresso (interview), Expresso (article), Sábado] wins 2017 Caixa Empreender Award  

CMU Portugal Program Promotes Exchange of Faculty and Researchers
[ComputerWorld Online, i9 Magazine]


CMU Portugal Has €1,2 million for Exploratory Research
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Ford Makes Large Investment in CMU alumni Founded Startup Argo AI
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CMU’s Libratus won the Poker Tournament Against the Humans
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The Women’s Summit is Here – Conferences on Women’s Issues
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TWEvo - Technological Innovation for Remote Vehicles Selected for InRes 2016
[TVEuropa, Bit Magazine Online, Diário de Leiria]

Robots Are Going to Change Our Lives Soon

CMU’s Second Poker Robot will go Head to Head with Humans